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In 2007, Lewis Pollack, formed an affiliated management company, HAT Management, LLC (HAT) to perform property management services for StoreSmart Self Storage affiliated properties and to third party owners.  In 2011, HAT evolved into Reliant Real Estate Management, LLC with the partnership between Lewis Pollack and Todd Allen.  Reliant currently manages 21 properties in six (6) states with 65 field employees.  It is anticipated that Reliant Management will continue to grow at a steady pace over the next year due to its internal development and acquisition pipeline which includes sites in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. 

Reliant Real Estate Management: Current Management Footprint

Map of current Reliant managed locations.

27 locations - 13,602 total spaces & over 2,406,562 net rentable square feet

Senior Management

Reliant is managed by a seasoned team of professionals with extensive experience in the self storage industry. 

Lewis Pollack:
Managing Member

Lewis G. Pollack, 64, operates Reliant and StoreSmart®’s Boca Raton, Florida office, and has primary responsibility for StoreSmart’s® operational matters, including without limitation, investor relations, site identification, competitive analysis, absorption analysis and construction associated with StoreSmart’s® development projects. Mr. Pollack, a long-time corporate executive and entrepreneur, has been involved in the development and management of self-storage in excess of 30 years. Mr. Pollack is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, Trenton State College, and holds Ph. D. (ABD) from University of California at Los Angeles. Mr. Pollack is an officer and serving his third term as a Trustee of the Florida Self Storage Association.

Todd Allen:
Managing Principal

Todd Allen, Vice President of Operations of StoreSmart®, is primarily responsible for site identification and initial evaluation, project feasibility and analysis and preparation of preliminary proforma analyses, as well as all operations matters of StoreSmart®. Mr. Allen also serves as Manager of Reliant. Prior to joining StoreSmart®, Mr. Allen served as Director of Analyses for O.B. Companies, the largest privately held self-storage operator in the world. Prior to his employment with O.B, Mr. Allen has served as Vice President of Operation for Meridian Storage, Inc., a regional self-storage developer and as a Regional Manager for Sterling Management, a regional self-storage and multi-family developer. Mr. Allen attended Clemson University. Mr. Allen is a board member for the Florida Self Storage Association, and is a member of the South Carolina Self Storage Association, North Carolina Self Storage Association, Arkansas Self Storage Association, Georgia Self Storage Association, Illinois Self Storage Association, Indiana Self Storage Association and the Colorado Self Storage Association.

Management Philosophy

Reliant is committed to the physical and economic growth of an asset.  Since its formation, as part of its careful budgeting of operational costs, Reliant has analyzed its staffing needs with a view to minimization of internal staffing and associated overhead, while assembling a management team that is highly motivated, industry knowledgeable and consistently achieves high quality results.  A Reliant manager prides him or herself on exceptional customer service, high closing rates, diligent revenue management, budget adherence and the aesthetic appeal of the asset.   A typical Reliant manager has numerous years of self storage experience, is fully versed in the management and truck rental software and builds his or her walk-in traffic through the carefully managed “grassroots” marketing efforts.

Reliant utilizes U-Haul developed software for both truck rentals and property management (WebSelfStorage).  WebSelfStorage provides instant visibility to customer’s accounts, management transactions, inventory control, economic and physical growth, policy adherence and market trends.  Reliant has gone to  great lengths to select the most appropriate  management software package for Reliant needs, having used and analyzed the major on-line software options for flexibility, reliability, ease of use, reporting capabilities.

Reliant believes that success depends heavily on a “grassroots” marketing approach to the market area.  Our facility managers are expected to devote a significant amount of time outside the facility office cultivating the relationships that result in increased occupancy.  Our managers are expected to develop relationships in the community with “customer gateways”, such as the local Chamber of Commerce, realtors, retirement home managers, apartment and condominium managers, funeral home directors, hospital administrators and community contacts who are in employment positions that are directly related to prospective customers changing their living circumstances.  Reliant trains its managers to cultivate these relationships on an ongoing basis, as these relationships lead to substantial numbers of customers. Please see the sample “grassroots” marketing plan attached.

Reliant believes in utilizing multiple profit centers that compliment its core business of self storage. Thus, Reliant has cultivated a very strong relationship with the national moving and truck rental vendor, U-Haul. Reliant deems it a necessity as a one-stop-shop to offer truck rentals as well as a full range of moving supplies and other point of sale retail items as a convenience to its customers.  These value-added services offer additional profit centers which compliment and supplement a self storage’s facilities operations.

Reliant is acutely aware that the velocity and strength of leasing up a self storage asset is largely due to the motivation and abilities of its on-site management team.  The implementation of marketing or advertising strategies, as well as management annual goals and bonus structures, is an excellent start, but with no follow-up, will fall short of expectations.  Therefore, numerous site audits, secret shops and additional training will be provided during the course of the year to each asset which will encourage on-site management to remain diligent and efficient with their duties.  After all, you can only expect what you inspect.

Competition dictates market rate rents and the supply and demand for the product in a market.  Reliant management conducts monthly competition studies to ensure market rate rent awareness.  These competition studies are also utilized to provide our management staff with intimate information about the competition in which Reliant utilizes to better sell the asset’s features and benefits.  Market rate rents are further scrutinized by unit type, by setting occupancy benchmarks that force rental rate increases, thus ensuring maximum rental revenue growth. 

Rental revenue is further stimulated by strict adherence to Reliant’s proven method of burning off concessions/promotions in a timely manner. These methods are monitored through the WebSelfStorage software.

Finally, Reliant has spent the last year developing a completely optimized web presence that we believe will increasingly strengthen our market position in which we compete.

Ownership Financial Controls: Reliant believes strongly in planning and complete transparency in its reporting. As with any well managed business, Reliant always provides an annual budget to Ownership for their approval. The annual budget provides the touchstone for growth and expenditures for the coming year. Each succeeding month, Reliant provides a budget variance report to Ownership that clearly demonstrates how well each facility is adhering to its annual goals for income, occupancy and expenses.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Reliant Real Estate Management, LLC is to successfully assist in the development, construction, acquisition and operation of income producing properties.  Our objective is driven by customer satisfaction and colleague fulfillment.

We pledge to consistently:

Our values include commitment to:

“It is the people within any enterprise, and their interactions with each other, that ultimately produce excellence or mediocrity.”

-Tom Peters